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Ep7. Rick Burnette – “The tropical fringe…”

Practical wisdom from a practiced expert. Rick Burnette has worked in sustainable local scale agriculture projects all over the globe. He’s learned enough to listen more. Hear how his work fits into efforts to help end hunger among farm workers in Immokalee, FL

Ep5. Miguel Estrada – “Change is Possible!”

Immokalee, FL is the source of most of America’s winter time produce – particularly tomatoes. Miguel Estrada is working to help end hunger among the migrant farm workers who harvest much of the food we eat. Nearly all of us are involved in this story. Listen to find out how.

Ep4. It Takes A Village – Ending Hunger in High Point, NC

This will be our first time outside the form of a sharp focus on the front line individuals who decide to start food or hunger related programs on their own. Honestly we picked a great crew to start with for a conversation with folks who work in the not-for-profit community of High Point, NC in roles that have put them in a position to be vital encouragers and resource organizers to help cultivate the grass roots efforts they see taking root to provide tangible solutions to ending hunger in High Point, NC.

Ep3. José Abrue – A Look In the Mirror

José speaks from a unique perspective on community food security. He is heavily involved in the not-for-profit efforts to help end hunger in his community. He also owns a traditional supermarket and an organic produce store. José’s not afraid to tackle hard questions. You’ll be glad you listened!