Blog Post: S1 – by the Numbers

As much as I enjoy a good conversation – like the ones I was privileged to have in each episode of Welcome To The Table!: what people are doing to end hunger – I also enjoy seeing the story the numbers tell alongside the words. Here’s the behind the scenes story of Season 1 as told by the numbers (as of January 6, 2021).

  • Episodes Published (not including Intro and Wrap-Up): 7
  • Average Episode Run Time: 36 min 56 sec
  • Total Downloads: 1,049
  • Average downloads per episode: 149
  • Most downloads per episode: 183
  • Least downloads per episode: 73
  • Top 3 most listened to episodes:
  • Continents with at least 1 download (in order from largest #): 5
    • North America (1027 downloads = 97%)
    • Europe (16)
    • Asia (4)
    • South America (1)
    • Australia (1)
  • Countries with at least 1 download! (in order from largest #): 15
    • United Stated of America (1020 = 97%)
    • France (9)
    • Thailand (3)
    • Ireland (3)
    • Canada (3)
    • Cuba (2)
    • Brazil (1)
    • Poland (1)
    • El Salvador (1)
    • Australia (1)
    • Germany (1)
    • United Kingdom (1)
    • Netherlands (1)
    • Indonesia (1)
    • Guatemala (1)
  • American cities with at least 10 downloads (in order from largest #): 15
    • High Point, NC (253)
    • Greensboro, NC (117)
    • Atlanta, GA (84)
    • Charlotte, NC (29)
    • Columbus, OH (21)
    • Bridgewater, NJ (20)
    • Somerville, MA (19)
    • Shelby, NC (17)
    • Lynchburg, VA (17)
    • Asheville, NC (15)
    • Lexington, NC (12)
    • Lake Stevens, WA (11)
    • Snellville, GA (11)
    • Cape Coral, FL (11)
    • Jonesboro, AR (10)

Responses: The one piece of information I would most like to have, and am least able to measure, is how many people have taken specific action to help end hunger as a result of listening to the podcast. I’ve heard beautiful and inspiring anecdotal stories of people who planted something with the intention of sharing – but I can’t quantify it!

If you are a Listener reflected in the numbers above, THANK YOU for being part of the story! I would love to hear from you in whatever way works best for you. Send an email. Comment on episodes here or at iTunes. Reach out on Twitter or Facebook through the links on the right side of this page.

Here’s what I’d most like to know:

  • Why do you listen?
  • What was your favorite episode? Why?
  • Would you prefer episodes be a little shorter, or a little longer?
  • Have you taken any specific action to help end hunger in your area as a result of listening?
    • What are you up to!?!?
  • Do you know of someone you think would be interesting to hear from as a guest?

Keep in mind that I prefer to interview individuals who have started their own food or hunger related project from scratch. I’m less likely to interview non-founder staff of a not-for-profit working on food and hunger projects – even though, I know, there are some really great ones out there!

The simplest FREE(!) ways to help Season 2 get off to a strong start are to share the podcast with friends you think might appreciate it, or leave a review at iTunes. These two actions do more to help the podcast reach more people than any others. If you are willing to help out like that, it’d be a huge favor!

The numbers above reflect exactly that kind of word of mouth promotion. In this first year I have devoted all of my attention and resources to creating an initial body of work that was worth listening to and had quality audio. I spent almost no time and no money trying to attract listeners.

The community of people who are already in the habit of paying attention to the ever evolving story of the farm project at Healing Springs Acres showed up as listeners and shared it with others. I plan to put more concentrated effort into sharing the podcast in 2021 now that we’ve survived the 2020 launch gauntlet. Let me go ahead and thank you ahead of time for any help you decide to offer!

No look back over the year would be complete without a Thank You to the folks who sit around The Patron’s Table to provide financial support for both this podcast and the work of the farm. Without them, NONE of this happens! There are always seats available at that table as well.

Either way, whichever metaphorical table you want to imagine, Welcome To The Table! Thank you for being a Listener. I’m looking forward to visiting with you more in Season 2.

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