Ep5. Miguel Estrada – “Change is Possible!”

My interview with Miguel Estrada

Immokalee, FL is the source of most of America’s winter time produce – particularly tomatoes. Miguel Estrada is working to end hunger among the migrant farm workers who harvest much of the food we eat. Nearly all of us are involved in this story. Listen to find out how.

Miguel works through Misión Peniel to provide compassionate service to complement the focus on social justice provided so aptly through the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. As spiritual and social advocates Misión Peniel brings together people of faith and compassion to act with farmworkers to achieve fundamental change in their living and working conditions while increasing public awareness of the need for reconciliation and bridge building between sectors. Misión Peniel achieves this mission of change by being a destination for mission outreach of local churches and a learning community for the coastal faith community to communicate regularly with the farmworker community a unifying message that human dignity is not a bargaining chip for change.

music by: Tom Kemner
artwork by: Wesley Nifong
produced by: Don Durham

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