About the Podcast

Welcome to the Table!: what people are doing to end hunger, is a project of Healing Springs Acres, a farm where we grow food to give away. The two purposes of the podcast are to lift up good examples of individual food or hunger related projects created to help end hunger in their communities, and to provide tangible resources to support existing food or hunger related projects to help them become more effective.

The idea of ending hunger can be overwhelming – debilitatingly overwhelming. Too many of us respond to that by shaking our heads and moving on in the assumption that, “That’s just the way it is.” There will probably never be one, single over-arching solution that results in no one being hungry any more. More likely, there will be thousands of small solutions that address the specific challenges of getting food to everyone who needs it. This podcast celebrates the stories of those who have gone on ahead and gotten started.

Powerful and Inspiring Stories
Each episode is an on location interview with an individual entrepreneurial instigator who has started from scratch to create their own project to help end hunger in their community. Some are small and informal, others have grown to large complexity. All are local expressions of one person’s realization that they could do something in their own place and in their own way to help create a more just and resilient local food supply and increase people’s security in their ability to feed themselves.

The questions asked of each guest are similar and allow wide latitude for them to tell their story their way:

  • Who are you, how did you become aware that hunger was a challenge you had to do something about, and how did you get started?
  • How do you define success, and what have your experiences been?
  • What have been your greatest challenges and how have you responded to them?
  • What do you wish more people would do more of more often to help end hunger?

Resources for Entrepreneurial Listeners
In addition to the helpful and practical examples offered in each episode through the stories of people who have learned through the trial and error of hands-on experience, we offer specific resources to anyone who is either starting or running their own project aimed at helping end hunger in their community. The examples in the episodes provide plenty of motivation and general insight. Once you create your own project to help end hunger – you’ll need more than motivation and general insight to avoid the predictable potholes and become as effective as possible as quickly as possible.

We have trained and experienced coaches available to talk with you or your team to help you get started – or to help you get to whatever you think the “next level” is for you and your project. If that kind of help sounds valuable to you get in touch with us at info@welcometothetablepodcast.com. We’ll begin with a free consultation. Ongoing coaching is available for a nominal fee of $25 per half-hour session for projects that are just getting started. While the majority of the cost of our coaches’ time is underwritten by financial supporters of the podcast, we’ve found that everything works better if you also have some investment in the process.

We hope to hear from you – we’d love to help!

Joining The Table
If you’d like to help make this podcast more than a passive repository of conversations about ending hunger – rather, a proactive resource for helping to end hunger – consider taking your seat around The Patrons Table. The financial contributions of supporters at the Healing Springs Acres Patreon.com page help cover the equipment costs, travel expenses, server space, editing time, and the inevitable curve balls that go into producing quality, on-location interviews for listeners. They also help provide valuable coaching services to listeners. Patrons have access to previews of the full interview audio prior to each episode’s release and other behind the scenes visits with the podcast and the work at the Healing Springs Acres farm.