Welcome to the Table!

the podcast about what people are doing to end hunger.

Welcome to the Table! It’s not my table, or your table. It’s everyone’s table. But, not everyone has the same kind of access to “the table.”

We’ve said from the beginning that the solution to ending hunger is not for our farm at Healing Springs Acres to get bigger and bigger and bigger but, for more and more people to start their own projects in their own communities to help end hunger, build more just and resilient local food systems, and to help more people have the experience of, “Welcome to the Table!”

This podcast highlights the stories of people who are helping to end hunger. This podcast project makes good on the last phrase in the farm’s tag line:

… Proclaiming others can do the same!

“Welcome to the Table!” is more than passive repository of conversations about ending hunger. It is a proactive resource for actually helping to end hunger. Each episode is an interview with an entrepreneurial instigator who has created their own food or hunger focused project to help end hunger in their community. In addition to learning from people who have already scaled the learning curve, we also offer coaching resources for making your own food or hunger focused project more effective.

If you’d like to help make this project more effective, consider joining The Patron’s Table on the Healing Springs Acres page at Patreon.com.

Welcome to the Table…

music by: Tom Kemner
artwork by: Wesley Nifong
produced by: Don Durham